Monday, January 12, 2015

Grandpa Rood

The gentleman pictured here in this drawing is my Grandpa Rood.  This past week, he passed away while visiting Corpus Christi, TX.

My Grandpa was a great man.  A family patriarch.  A working class hero.  He loved and lived farming.  He was involved in agriculture  his entire life, right through the end.

When I was a kid, I used to help he and my dad move and sort hogs.  Whenever a quick piglet would get loose and run, I'd be the one to chase it.  I'd catch it a lot of times, but also I'm sure I looked plenty spastic and freaky as I slid around on the floor of the hog house, running after tiny pigs.  I'm sure he'd be laughing inside, but to me he'd always say "Phillip, I'm glad you're here.  I'm not quick like you.  You're good at catchin' 'em 'n' bein' quick like they are."  Then he'd give me a soda or some mad money when we were done.

He was one of my first bosses, he was someone who taught me the importance and respect that is due the American family farmer, he was a tough guy, he was a stubborn man, and he could be a straight-up difficult man, but he was a man who loved his family, who worked hard for them, and felt blessed by them.

Rest In Piece, Grandpa.  We all love you and will miss you very much.

4 Generations of Rood Guys at Fort Myers Beach, FL in February 2007

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feather Dancer

I did it.  I survived the holiday season again this past year.  That is no small feat, considering the hectic pace, high stress, and general insanity that mark the most wonderful time of the year.  Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and settle back into my "normal" schedule and work flow.

It also means I can start unveiling things I drew as Christmas presents.  Due to the mental condition I have that will not allow me toI did it.  I survived the insanity, stress, crazy pace, and workload of the holiday season.  That's kind of a big deal for me because it tends to be an exhausting time of year, so to make it through and be settling back down to my normal schedule is very cool.
 ever mail a gift on time, there are a lot of these pieces still floating through the Postal system right now.  As they reach their recipients, I will be sharing them here.

First up is this piece I made for my friend and collaborator Bonnie Pehlke.
I worked with Bonnie last year and illustrated her children's book "That Sneaky Snake Sydney", so the drawing is of Hannah, the worried hen who is the book's main character.  Bonnie is also an unabashed superfan of the Dave Matthews Band, so I combined the two and drew Hannah as the Fire Dancer.  I simply rechristened her as "The Feather Dancer".

You can watch me ink this piece below in real time.  Yeah, that's right, REAL TIME!  This video has not been sped up in any way, I am simply that fast.  It helps that this was shot after I consumed 3 pots of coffee and a Toblerone bar that was intended for my wife's Christmas gift...

Monday, December 1, 2014

My World

For everyone who has ever asked me "What's it like in your world?", I off you this small glimpse into it.  It's a fun place full of monsters, cowboy monkeys, angry trees and robuts.

I actually broke out most of this on Thanksgiving day after the food had settled, then I threw some ink down on it Saturday while some incredible people kept me company online.  The right people, the right conditions and the right attitude floating around put me in the right mood to stay at the desk and hammer this piece out.  I had a lot of fun drawing it.

If you'd like a print of this piece so you can look into "My World" whenever you want, you can buy one HERE.

Thanks for checking this out and stopping by my blog.